How b.box achieved a record 1.2m+ month in November 2023 while boosting MER & ROAS






You always want what’s best for your baby but with an industry flooded with poor quality and designed products, it is often hard to know what is best. Finding the baby essentials can often be a long stressful process of trial and error and reading hours of blogs and reviews about other parents and their experiences with the product.

b.box shines in this department. An Australian-based company spearheading the ethos of quality & innovative design and safety for all parents and their children. Making parenting easier and worry-free.

Founded in 2009 by two best friends Dannielle Michaels and Monique Filer they set out with one mission in mind - to redefine everyday essentials for bub’s and kids. Believing in b.box’s mission, it’s our goal at Scale Digital to help the brand reach more parents and expand their Direct-to-Consumer offerings. Making b.box as the primary solution to parenting problems.

Challenges & Key Outcomes

Challenges & Key Outcomes

  • Ambitious goals with a very limited budget
  • Retailers offering the same product lines at competitive prices
  • Competitors with cutthroat deals
Key Outcomes
  • Record BFCM - 12% Increase YoY
  • 23x Meta ROAS and 51x Google ROAS in November
  • Average MoM Growth of 13% From August to November

How We Did It

1. Strategy

To fully understand their market landscape and competitive industry, Scale Digital embarked on thorough market research. This involves dissecting competitor pricing, marketing tactics, and crucially, the innovative approaches in their adverts. The insights gained enabled the team to craft a comprehensive brief for the client, charting a path for a direct-to-consumer expansion.

2. Meta Creative Strategy

The hallmark of any successful Meta strategy is creative that converts. The extensive competitor research that was conducted initially allowed the team to understand what creative styles the competitors were producing and allowed Scale Digital to isolate what types of creative to brief to the b.box team. Coupled with industry-leading media buying tactics, this led to a 54% increase in ROAS from July to August 2023 followed by a 110% increase from August to September 2023.

3. Google Optimisations

One of the most important aspects of Google ads, and advertising broadly is proper tracking and attribution models. This ensures that accurate data is collected and pushed back into the system, vital for Google’s data-centric platform to serve ads to the right customers.

A key early improvement to the account was setting precise primary goals for campaigns, aligning with data performance. This is the key distinction between reporting Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) vs Marketing Efficiency Ratio (MER). Despite achieving a 37x ROAS on Google in July with a $4,200 investment and 14x ROAS in August with $7,200, b.box’s overall revenue saw a 13% month-on-month uplift, maintaining consistent expenditure on other paid platforms like Meta. 

In Google Shopping, b.box’s major competitors were retailers. The team refined the shopping feed to key search terms and enriched product information giving them a competitive advantage.

How We Did It

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